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Since i've been uploading my galleries gotten quit full and i feel that some of my older pics are getting less attention , so heres some of my first pictures to deviantart hope ya'll like these. bleach orihime by greengiant2012 bleach izuru kira by greengiant2012 bleach shuhei hisagi by greengiant2012 bleach renji by greengiant2012 bleach toshiro hitsugaya by greengiant2012 bleach rukia kuchiki by greengiant2012 bleach rukia kuchiki by greengiant2012 bleach group twilight stunned by greengiant2012 bleach momo hinamori by greengiant2012



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DISCLAIMER I am not mr123goku123
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
DISCLAIMER i am not :iconmr123goku123: he is a separate person and a separate account and i have nothing to do with that account

My main account :icongreengiant2012:

my ONLY!!!! Other account :icongreenbeaver2012:

Hey i'm a casual manga artist and i enjoy drawing my own creations but i also draw bleach characters as you may have gathered by looking at my profile. And i do take REQUEUST IF YOU HAVE ANY BLEACH CHARACTERS OR EVEN ANOTHER ANIME THAT YOU WANT ME TO DRAW I'LL GIVE IT MY BEST SHOT EVENTUALLY thnks for checking out my page enjoy

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If you have a request i accepted and i havent cancelled. This is for you. I posted this cause i keep getting a lot of people asking about they're pics progress. So i figured i could help answer some of those questions before they're asked. I have a ton of pics im working on and i mean a ton. Plus i color for :iconecchi-enzo: and that takes time to. And im just a one man show whos spread pretty thin. I sketch usually from scratch, line the pic, color and other tedious lil things. and i do this in between my job and what not so it takes a lot of time. for some of your pics some i may be finished in a few days  but most could take months. its just a matter of which gets done 1st. So all i can say is be patient and i'll do my best to finish these pics as fast as i can without compromising on quality of course.
If you dont already know me and ecchi-enzo started a patreon account and this journal pertains to MY! exclusive request offerings only to those who win the raffle by supporting us on our patreon. Im open to bleach mostly but some naruto, one piece and fairy tail i'll consider as well. But preferably bleach.

                                                                                 Guidelines as followed

1. Just leave the names of who you want and i will do the poses and coloring ideas and what have ya.

2. i do recommend you tell me bust sizes you want tho incase you dont like them real big. If you like them big and dont care then just leave it to me ;)
3. belows a list of characters you can cherry pick from for your pic

                                         YOU BETTER DECIDE WHO YOU WANT IN YOUR PIC YOU. Just dont ask for a crossover pic please :)

Bleach chicks:                      Naruto chicks.           One Piece chicks                               Fairy Tail chicks.
Orihime inoue                       Sakura haruno           Nami                                                Lucy
Rukia Kuchiki                        Ino yamanaka           Boa                                                 Juvia
Soi-fong                              Hinata hyuuga          vivi                                                  Erza
Momo Hinamori                     Temari                      just about any of the mermaids.         Wendy (edolas)
Rangiku Matsumoto               TenTen                     kaya                                              Mirajane    
Harribel                               Anko mitarashi                                                               Lisana
Cirruci Thunderwitch                                                                                                Cana alberona
Isane kotetsu                                                                                                          Aquarius
Kiyone Kotetsu                                                                                                         Areis
Nanao ise
Matsuri Kudo
Nozomi Kujo
Loly Arrivine
Neliel tu odershvank
Nemu kurotsuchi
Mila rose
(name others that aren't listed if need be)

Ok here are the pics that i accepted as request and will start on mid to late june. Here is the original journal for additional information.
                                  Request are closed for now.Hey there its been a long time since i posted a journal accepting request. Well i meant to sooner but i have been so busy with them i havent hardly made time to openly take more. Well i am now taking request again but unlike before it willl only be a small amount i will take, Due to the fact im working on other pics as well along with coloring for rtenzo and also my job so i dont have much time so thats the reason i will take only a small amount. Now before you ask for a request i want you to read the following below and understand exactly all the rules before requesting, If i feel you didnt read it based on your comments i will overlook your request.
Rule number 1. I will not accept oc request i have no desire to draw oc's i prefer fanart.
Rule number 2. At anytime if i lose interest or become way to busy or whatever reason i have i reserve the right to not draw your request i do these pics for free i dont make money from you. I will do my best to draw your pic but if things get in th

Made the cut pics.accepted
:iconslyboyseth: rangiku bikini
:icontheperilpimp: rangiku, soi-fon, rukia
:iconamazoness-king: senna, rukia hot tub
:icondrunkenshinigami: lucy, juvia bath
:iconult-rugal: rukia, kon
:iconmoonpunch: orihime, hikifune
:iconnarutoxharem: Various lol
:iconspybuster2: toshiro x momo

Pending pictures. which means i may do them eventually if i can.

:iconmagnaking: kallen bunny
:iconhiei-dragon: yukino bikini
:iconblackeyehawk: rangiku rukia
:iconhellsender: nanao, lisa sarashi

who here is looking forward to fall? 

78 deviants said yes
18 deviants said dont care
16 deviants said no



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Whats up?
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Just relaxing.
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Whats up?
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You too busy to take another suggestion? Ill understand if so.
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Sorry to hear that. And it depends on what you want my man
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Nice pic.
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lol well i plan on uploading it soon. i was either gonna post it this friday or next. is that ok?
VoGoshinki Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
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ok cool. i'll probably post it this friday for ya ;)
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Say I don't know if you remember me w00t!  but I am the guy who asked you too do a request on a Riruka paring? XD  I was just woundering if you started or have gottin too it at all?  :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 Boogie!  If not then can I ask you a quetion?Bucktooth  Greetings Sweating a little... 
greengiant2012 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
sure whats your question?
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